Corio puts health and safety first, joining G+ to promote global standards

28 September 2022 — Corio Global |
  • Offshore wind business Corio Generation, which launched in April 2022, joins G+

  • CEO Jonathan Cole says ‘health and safety is at the heart of our business, embedded in everything we do’

  • Corio’s health, safety, environmental and social head Rachel Porto joins G+ board

Newly launched offshore wind specialist Corio Generation is joining the Global Offshore Wind Health and Safety Organisation (G+) in an effort to drive forward the adoption of industry performance standards worldwide.

Jonathan Cole, CEO of Corio Generation and a former Chair of G+, confirmed the company’s commitment to uphold and promote G+ health and safety standards across its growing portfolio of projects.

Corio Generation was created as a specialist offshore wind business in April 2022 by Macquarie’s Green Investment Group. As a GIG portfolio company operating on a standalone basis, the company already has more than 20+ GW of projects in development in Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Americas.

“Health and safety is at the heart of our business, embedded in everything we do and in every project we develop. I am therefore determined that Corio plays an active role in supporting G+ guidelines and best practices in both emerging and established markets,” Mr Cole said.

“Having been part of G+ since its inception and served as chairman during a period of significant consolidation and expansion, I am also personally delighted to restore my links to the organisation.  It has been a hugely successful body for promoting health and safety and for encouraging collaboration across the sector.”

G+ brings together the offshore wind industry to share knowledge on good practice guidance and incident data reporting. The members of G+ are lead operators and owners of offshore wind farms and manufacturers. The organisation is run in partnership with the Energy Institute, the UK-based chartered professional membership body for the energy industry.

With Corio now a full member of G+, Rachel Porto, Head of Workplace Health, Safety, Environment and Social (WHSES) will join the organisation’s board to provide her expert advice, gained from more than 16 years in the renewables sector, on the continuous development of G+’s strategy and work programmes.

Ms Porto said: “G+ is a vital forum for industry players to learn from each other and implement standardised good practice guidelines. For Corio, as a global business, being part of G+ means we can share our knowledge and experience to safely manage offshore wind projects, while also helping to influence the adoption of strong health and safety standards in new markets.”

According to the latest G+ Incident Data Report, 2021 was the “safest year on record” for the offshore wind industry, with the number of recordable injuries the second lowest ever recorded despite the number of hours worked having grown by around 30 per cent.

In a statement welcoming Corio Generation, Nick Wayth, CEO of the Energy Institute said: “At G+ we live by the ethos that we all own safety. I’m delighted to welcome Corio Generation to the G+ family, an organisation that embodies this approach.

“Working across industry and in partnership with our members, G+ works tirelessly to uphold the highest health and safety standards, facilitate industry collaboration and promote best practice as global offshore wind capacity rapidly expands.”

About Corio Generation   

Corio Generation is a specialist offshore wind business, dedicated to harnessing renewable energy worldwide. With a unique blend of sector-leading expertise and deep access to long-term capital, we work closely with our partners in the creation and management of projects from origination, development and construction, and into operations.

Our 20+ GW offshore wind development portfolio is one of the largest in the world, spanning established and emerging markets, as well as floating and traditional fixed-bottom technologies. These next generation offshore wind projects will help form the backbone of the net-zero global energy system while meeting the energy needs of communities and corporate offtakers sustainably, reliably, safely and responsibly.

Corio Generation is a Green Investment Group (GIG) portfolio company, operating on a standalone basis. GIG is a specialist green investor within Macquarie Asset Management, part of Macquarie Group.

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