Corio welcomes creation of Australia’s first offshore wind zone

20 December 2022 — Corio Global |

Australia’s federal government has declared the Bass Strait off Gippsland as the country’s first offshore wind zone, marking the beginning of a new era for renewable energy generation that will benefit Australians for generations to come.

Minister for Climate Change and Energy Chris Bowen gave the green light to the zone’s development at an event with business, government and community leaders on Monday 19 December 2022.

Corio Generation, developer of two Australian offshore wind projects totalling up to 4 GW, welcomes the decision of the Commonwealth Government to choose Gippsland for Australia’s first Offshore Wind Zone.

The historic designation means Corio’s proposed 2.5 GW Great Eastern Offshore Wind project would, if realised, be among the first wave of offshore wind projects to be built in Australia.

The government said in addition it would consider whether the zone should be extended to include the Gippsland coast west of Wilsons Prom, an area being considered for Corio’s 1.5 GW Great Southern Offshore Wind project.

Our Australian stakeholder engagement team has been organising a series of local community engagement events for our Great Eastern Offshore Wind project in Gippsland, Victoria.

Anthony Lamb, Head of Asia-Pacific Region, said in response: “We support this positive and significant step for offshore wind development in Australia, which enjoys an abundance of this natural resource.

“Our team has been hard at work in the early development phases for the Great Eastern Offshore Wind Project, holding over 70 stakeholder meetings and other community engagement activities. Early in the New Year, we will commence our marine and habitat surveys, and work towards submission of a feasibility license application.

“In addition, we are undertaking feasibility studies for the proposed Great Southern Offshore Wind project off Gippsland’s Bass Coast. We are currently in the process of determining the optimum location for this project, which includes undertaking consultation with Traditional Owners, the local community and having regards to environmental considerations.

“We are committed to working with both the Victorian and Commonwealth governments and will look forward to consulting further with the local community and wider stakeholders. Offshore wind energy is a crucial part of Australia’s energy transition, and our projects will support local businesses and generate thousands of jobs in the green economy.”

Minister for Climate Change and Energy Chris Bowen announced Australia’s first Offshore Wind Zone in Gippsland on 19 December 2022

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