Five key fundamentals for successful offshore wind deployment in Australia

5 March 2024 — Community & Environment | Project Team | Supply Chain & Industry |

Our Australian team took part in the Australian Offshore Wind Conference in Melbourne 26 -27 February 2024, with Penny Pickett, Corio’s Head of Australia, speaking on the ‘The future of Australia’s offshore wind industry’ panel.

“Based on what we have seen from successful offshore wind deployment around the world, I am pleased to see that all the key drivers are being progressed effectively in Victoria, particularly in Gippsland,” says Penny.

During the panel, Penny highlighted five key fundamentals for successful offshore wind deployment, including:

✔️ a competitive seabed license process
✔️ an appropriate approvals pathway
✔️ early route-to-market
✔️ development of the supply chain including a skilled workforce
✔️ development of supporting infrastructure such as ports and grid.

Key themes of the conference included the need for industry collaboration to ensure local benefits are maximised, the importance of building social licence and ways to unlock likely supply-chain challenges.

Corio is currently developing the Great Eastern Offshore Wind project in Gippsland, Victoria. The project is in the early stages of development. If fully realised, the 2.5 GW project will generate enough electricity to power around 1 in 5 households in the state of Victoria.