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Corio is committed to using local suppliers, manufacturers, contractors, consultants and other supply chain resources to develop and participate in our projects.


During the development, construction and ongoing operation of the GEOW project, Corio expect to award a range of small and large contracts both onshore and offshore. Corio will work with local suppliers and sub-contractors to support the skills transfer to enable local capacity building and lasting local economic and social benefits to the region.

Corio’s Procurement Framework

Corio’s procurement team uses a global portfolio approach to support projects across five continents, including our GEOW project here in Victoria. As described in the figure below, the Procurement team is divided into separate sub teams that closely work together.

The teams are: (1) the procurement development team who manage systems and processes across the globe (2) supply-chain development who support early-stage projects such as the GEOW Project (3) category management who sets the strategy and provides technical and strategic support to our projects across the globe. Each project that progresses past the initial development phases will have its own team that then executes the procurement strategies, ensuring timely and cost-effective delivery of the components and services to the project.

All procurement teams at Corio report to our Head of Procurement, based in the UK, who is accountable for the safe, timely and cost-effective delivery of procurement items for our projects.















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