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Currently in the feasibility stage, Great Eastern Offshore Wind is proposed to be located approximately 22 kilometres off the central Gippsland coast, in the state of Victoria.

The fixed-bottom wind project will generate up to 2.5 GW of electricity, and help to accelerate the offshore wind sector in Australia, while supporting state and national efforts to reduce our carbon emissions.

Site investigations and marine surveys started in 2023. We will work closely with all stakeholders and the community throughout this process.

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Located in Central Gippsland

We know Gippsland has a proud tradition of being an energy powerhouse. The transition to clean, renewable energy will only enhance this, as the region boasts some of the best offshore wind resources in the world.

Great Eastern Offshore Wind will be tapping into the existing skills and experience from local industries to support the development, construction and operation of the project.

A key aim of the project will be to building local capacity and generate long-lasting benefits for local communities for years to come.

Gippsland is located in southern Victoria, Australia.

A Six Year Development

It takes over six years to develop an offshore wind farm. Great Eastern Offshore Wind is early in the feasibility assessment stage. The key phases of developing an offshore wind farm, which can occur concurrently at times, are listed here:

Feasibility Assessment

2-4 years assessing the projects feasibility.

Environmental reports and

2-3 years securing environmental and planning approvals.

Engineering and procurement

2-3 years finalising engineering design and securing contractors for construction.


2-4 years including manufacturing with on and offshore construction.


Offshore wind farms have a minimum of 30 years of operation

How Offshore
Wind works.

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